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Rebate System

As a EZYFX partner there are two main ways for you to make a profit:

  • Expand your network to include more clients
  • Stimulate the existing clients in your affiliate group to trade with greater volumes

To help you achieve those goals we introduce to you the EZYFX Rebate System

How does it work?

At the core of the rebate system lies the idea of sharing your profits with your affiliated clients, giving back to them a fixed amount of your commission. You can set up this rebate amount (based on pips) and whenever your clients are trading and you earn commission over their trades, the amount you set will be taken out of your commission and sent back to the trader.

Giving back to your clients would encourage them to trade even more with their newly generated profit, taking care of goal number 2; this generates more commission for you, which sends rebate money back to the clients, and this circle goes on, expanding exponentially. In addition, letting prospective clients know that you use a rebate system might convince them to join your affiliate group, as it would guarantee them more funds available the more they trade. So in the long term, you actually win more this way and your clients are happier.

Setting it up

To set up a rebate system, simply log into the Partner’s Cabinet and select the Rebate System tab from the menu on the left. This would lead you to a screen displaying all of your affiliated clients. Use the Commission column to set the rebate amount for each client – yes, you can use a different setting for each client if you choose. To turn the rebate on and off for specific clients, use the switch in the Is Active column. After you change the settings for a client, press Save under Actions.