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The following Terms and Conditions shall be considered an inseparable part of the Client Agreement between Global Derivative Capital Markets NZ Limited referred to as “EZYFX Limited” and “The Company” and all Customers that have requested and have subsequently been granted a Forex Bonus, referred hereinafter as “Bonus”.

These Terms are binding, and all Customers are advised to read through them carefully and to seek independent advice where necessary.

EZYFX Limited does not recommend this Bonus to Customers who lack the experience or knowledge needed in order to use its properties to their advantage.


All New and Existing Customers of EZYFX Limited can request to receive a Bonus of up to 100 000 USD if the following conditions are met:

Properties of the Bonus
Amount of Deposit* Amount of Bonus
500 - 2000 5000
2001 - 10000 20000
10 001+ 100 000

*This number reflects the number of currency units denominated in USD, EUR or GBP. The denomination of the bonus is in the same currency as the currency of the deposit

Bonus Trading Account will have the following properties:

Bonus Withdrawal

Customers will be able to withdraw the Bonus once a Minimal Trading Requirement, also referred to as “MTR” has been fulfilled in the Bonus Trading Account. Once the Minimal Trading Requirement has been fulfilled the Bonus is considered to have been permanently and irrevocably awarded from The Company to the Customer and furthermore, the amount of the Bonus shall cease to be referred to as “Bonus” and will from that moment on be considered as profit that has been achieved by the Customer.

All Trading activity also referred to as “volume” on the Platforms of EZYFX Limited is measured in Lots, where one Standard Forex Lot is equal to 100,000.00 units of the Base Currency of the specific Forex Pair. MTR will depend on the Total Bonus Awarded to the Client in the Bonus account. The purchase of 1 standard lot will release the following amounts of the Bonus:

Amount of Bonus Amount of Bonus Released per 1 Standard Lot
5 000 2
20 000 2.5
100 000 3
Bonus Expiration

The bonus shall be revoked 12 months after the date it was granted. The Company reserves the rights to revoke the bonus if no trading activity has been generated in the Bonus Trading Account for a period of more than 3 months.

Bonus Cancellation

EZYFX Limited reserves the right to cancel an assigned/granted Bonus entirely on its own discretion in the event of:

Customers are explicitly warned and agree that the decision of EZYFX Limited shall be final, non-negotiable and non-reversible.