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To help you become a more active partner and earn more by attracting new clients, our EZYFX design team has created a number of images you can use to customize your website or social media/forum accounts. Below you can find a table containing branded banners, logos, and avatars that highlight our best offers. You can download them in any of the sizes offered. Those materials would work great on your own website or as part of your social profiles, where a bigger number of people could see them. The bigger your audience, the higher the chance is to expand your business with EZYFX.

When placing these images on your website or in your profile, pay attention to the link you use. Make sure you change the phrase “YOUR_PARTNER_LINK” to your unique affiliate code. This will ensure that anyone who arrives at the EZYFX website by following your link will be credited as your referral if they decide to open an account with us. You as a partner earn commission on each active client that was referred by you, so this is an excellent, risk-free way for you to increase your earnings.